Important Information


Welcome to Cabo Vista Hotel,
If you have decided to stay with us you must to read all this information, because at the moment of the check in we will need:
Official ID with a picture, it can be:
Driver Lincense

Payment and security deposit

You will pay your nights at the moment of the check in, you can pay in cash, pesos and dollars, debit or credit card VISA or Mastercard only,

After that we will need a credit card, for a security deposit, the hold is for $70.00USD or $1300.00 MXN,
If you do not have a credit card, you can leave a deposit in cash, but it will be $100.00USD or $2000.00 MXN,


Please help us to provide you an excellent service

  • If at the moment of the check in the guest do not provide us an ID,
  • if the guest deny to leave a deposit or
  • Deny to pay the nights

The service will not be provided